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What is pH balance of our Skin? How can I maintain pH of my skin?

Updated: Jul 29, 2023

So, what exactly is pH?

pH literally stands for potential of hydrogen. It is used to describe acid- alkaline ratio of a substance, which raise from 0 (the most acidic) to14 (the most alkaline). Water is neutral and has a pH of 7.

skin barrier is the outer layer of the skin that protect skin microbiome and lipid barrier naturally and its natural ideal skin pH is 5.5 - 6
What is Skin barrier?

Now what does this pH have to do with my skin?

The human body maintain a certain acid alkaline balance, and any fluctuation brings problems-weather it's our tummy or it's our skin. Our skin's optimum pH should be 5.5, that is slightly acidic. The topmost layer of our skin is an acid mantle. This mantle is our skin safety barrier. It keeps the moisture IN and germs, toxins, infections, diseases and waste materials OUT. When this acidity gets disturbed (that is the pH balance goes out of balance) our skin becomes prone to irritations, breakout, blemishes and other skin related problems. This could also leads to premature ageing.

How does the pH balance of our skin get disturbed?

Using soaps and heart surfactants(which are alkaline in nature) is the No.1everyday reason for the loss of PH balance. External factors like air pollution, water pollution and excessive exposure to the sun, lifestyle factor like smoking and external factors like poor diet and insufficient water intake can also lead to a change in the skin PH. This in turn leaves the skin losing its ability to protect itself.

How do I get back my skin pH's balance?

Here are some simple everyday tips to get back your pH balance:-

From Internal:

•Drink lots and lots of water everyday.

•Try to take fresh food over processed food.

•Add tomatoes, apple, citrus food and black berries in your diet. The minerals in these types of food help to maintain the pH of your skin.

From External:

•Try to avoid soaps as they are highly alkaline in nature. Many time so give us squeaky clean feel-that feeling is simply of your skin stripped of its protective layer. It is best not to opt for a soap instead choose soap-free mild hand wash, face wash or body wash. •Moisturize yourself regularly.

•Apply sunscreen before going out.

•Use an alcohol free toner or a home-based toner like rose water or diluted apple cider vinegar as toner helps in the maintain of PH level.

•Choose antioxidant-rich skin care products. Look for antioxidants like vitamin A,C,E and poly phenols on skin care labels.

pH of scancare product scale
pH of skin

I think it's quite easy to striving for pH balance of skin has never been easy but by approaching towards some good habits and following are disciplined approach towards skin care, we can keep our largest body organ skin in a good shape-and in the right balance.


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